Your Purity Ring Didn't Cause You To Fall

We don't pursue purity so we can check the virgin box, we pursue it because our ultimate Romancer has called us to a life worth more than any novelty this world has to offer.

There's a common theme circulating the Christian blogosphere. The message communicates that purity rings are apparently a negative thing that cause students to focus on purity and not Jesus and thus cause students to fail. I find this train of thought fallacious on many accounts. Like many topics people will manipulate the definition of something in order to get a rouse out of people. Purity rings have fallen victim to this fallacious attack. So, I'm going to attempt to explain why purity rings are completely harmless and how any adverse implications regarding ones purity are a matter of the heart...not a ring.


Purity rings are not some magical piece of armor that will fend off the arrows of sexual immorality. But neither are wedding rings. A wedding ring does not solidify monogamy, purity or love in a marriage. On the contrary, wearing a wedding ring does not cause a couple to have an affair. A wedding ring is symbolic. It is a tradition, a reminder and a symbol of faithfulness to the one who holds your heart.

Do we stop wearing wedding rings because they make us focus on faithfulness and not our spouse? No, that's stilly. Same logic applies to purity rings. I'm not saying we should all wear them. I'm saying that if we use the aforementioned reasoning to strip our purity rings then we should rethink our motives.

Stop Blaming Your Purity Ring!

The topic here is purity rings, not Lord of the Rings. LOTR is teh only story I know of where a ring had physical manipulation on an individual to do evil, and it was fiction. "I took off my purity ring because it caused me to focus on purity and not Jesus and since I wasn't focusing on Jesus I fell into impurity." The statement is common and it is arrogant. To blame an inanimate object for our failures is to deny the fact that we are depraved and in need of a Savior.

For whatever reason I felt awkward wearing jewelry when I was younger. I made many poor decisions in my youth and young adult hood regarding impurities and it was all because of my own sinful rebellion...not a ring. The ring did nothing. Perhaps wearing one would have reminded me of my calling. Who knows- either way I can't blame the ring for my deficiencies.

It's A Purity Ring, Not A Virginity Ring

If we wear the ring to convict us into staying virgins then we've missed it altogether.

We don't pursue purity so we can check the virgin box, we pursue it because our ultimate Romancer has called us to a life worth more than any novelty this world has to offer.

As I stated above, wearing the ring is symbolic. It is a reminder of Jesus and the life he calls us to. The idea that we can seek purity and not Jesus is twisted because without Jesus in the equation I don't understand why anyone could or would desire to pursue purity. Jesus is the reason I desire purity. I've been far less than perfect in my life, why?

Because I was chasing a title, not a lifestyle. I was more interested in telling my wife on our wedding night that I was a virgin…but less interested in telling her that I had done my best to stay pure.

LifeWay's "True Love Waits" project has come under fierce fire for supposedly "forcing students into pledging themselves to virginity and not to Jesus." I've been through True Love Waits and I know that they are indeed concerned about students pursuit of the cross. True Love Waits does NOT force students to focus on virginity in itself but rather the pursuit of purity through the lens of the cross.

"Once students pursue Christ through their sexual purity, they will demonstrate to the world around them that Jesus is the ultimate destination and desire of their hearts." -True Love Waits

Friends, pursue Jesus. Pursue purity. Know your vulnerabilities and establish boundaries.

Always remember that you are a beautiful creation made by a beautiful Creator for a beautiful purpose.

For the gospel//


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