You're Still A Good, Good Father

I kept having a circulating thought of how easy it was for me to worship God when my clothes weren’t stained by the blood of my best friend.

This morning we woke up to trending articles on the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. Headlines progressed from “multiple injuries” to “20 dead” to “50 dead.” My heart felt for the Orlando community and the reality of evil in the world.

A couple hours later I found myself in church singing worship songs praising God for His goodness and acknowledging His sovereignty. We sang You’re a Good, Good Father; Emmanuel, which means “God with us,” Messiah; which essentially means “savior,” and a bridge that sang, “all our hope is in you! The light of the world!” I was distracted– very distracted.

I kept having a circulating thought of how easy it was for me to worship God when my clothes weren’t stained by the blood of my best friend.

I kept hearing the voices of the wounded screaming, “what about us!?”

It surfaced questions that are understandably indigenous to these events.

How could they worship an all-good, all-powerful God after witnessing such a triumph of evil?

And if God is only worthy of praise in the good seasons then is He even a god worthy of praise at all?

Charity towards these questions does not change the absoluteness of the answer.

Yes, He is still worthy of praise.


He is still worthy of praise because the good news of the Cross speaks volumes over evil.

The pain brought on by these events is temporary. The Cross boasts of eternity and makes a way to annihilate eternal pain. I’m not undermining the reality of grief. This shooting was very tragic. But the only thing that can bring us from the deepest of sorrows is the truth of the Cross and the message it brings: the purest of restoration made from the darkest of brokenness.

He is still worthy of praise because we aren’t in a place to say otherwise.

If this principle were applied to an earthly ruler, it would seem very tyrannic. But once we fully understand the majesty and goodness of God we won’t want to judge whether He is good. We are the clay who he has shaped, formed, and nurtured as His beloved.

He is still worthy of praise because even through this He will be glorified.

That may sound sadistic, as if God is relishing in our hurt. On the contrary, He grieves with the hurting. The glory He will receive from this is through the Church, His Bride, by how she ministers to those hurting by this atrocity. The glory will be in the many who He reconciles to Himself through this.

So through it all we can still say that God is a good, good father. The glory will go to God as the Church ministers among the broken of Orlando as Jesus ministered among the broken of the world. The latests reports indicate that this was an act of terror fueled by Islamic radicalism.

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There are intellectual answers to the question commonly referred to as the problem of evil. But intellectual answers are due the intellectual curiosity. Sometimes the best answer for the existence of God is the love of Jesus. Sometimes it’s simply validating their pain and meeting every need they have. Maybe a meal, blood donation, a song. Sometimes it’s simply sitting quietly with them, holding their hand and being a secure presence.

Through it all, God will be glorified.

Through it all, Jesus is still King.

Through it all, He is still a good, good father.

For the gospel //


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