Why I'm Convinced the Left Doesn't Want Peace

The left doesn't care that Obama did the same thing as Trump, no. Because if they call Obama out then it doesn't fit their narrative. It's all about narrative. It's no longer about truth with the left.

There is literally nothing President Donald Trump can say about Charlottesville that will satisfy the left. There is nothing that he can say that will change their narrative. For the first few days following the Charlottesville events the left demanded he identify the cause as white supremacy. But let's be honest, if Trump came out and called it white supremacy the day it happened, the left would still try to attack him with something else.

It's because the left wants something to cry about. They want conflict. I understand the right does this too, to a degree...but my goodness...the fact that the left would take a tragedy and politicize it into their own snively agenda is disheartening. Racism made a stinging surface and a woman is dead...but hey, who cares that people are devastated when we can capitalize off of this event to advance a hissy fit?

I understand that some conservative politicians have also played this silly game, but hey, anything that tickles the ears of their constituents is unfortunately good for the politician.

The Charlottesville tragedy was a racist-fueled scene of violence and closed-mindedness planned by ignorant bigots. But since Trump specifically identified it as white supremacy within the first few days, that somehow makes him a racist. That's logic...except not, at all.

Trump's condemnation for white supremacy could have been an opportunity for the left to find peace, but instead they caused division. They literally pass up opportunity after opportunity to create peace. That's why I'm convinced they don't want it.

If he never identified it as white supremacy then I would see a problem, but his delay was actually smart. In fact, Obama used the same strategy in 2015 after Dylan Roof opened fire on a church killing 9 black people. Obama immediately condemned the acts of violence, but he didn't call it terrorism or any formal label, which was smart. Terrorism is not simply defined as an attack. It's very specific. People often use the word "terrorism" as hyperbole, or to emphasize a statement. The truth is that terrorism can formally exist without mass-casualties, or any casualties at all. Terrorism is unique among crimes because it must be political or religiously fueled in order to be qualified as a terrorist attack. The details must come from a thorough investigation, and thus both presidents were smart to condemn the acts out right but delay the formal identity of the motive. BOTH presidents were right here.

But the left doesn't care that Obama did the same thing as Trump, no. Because if they call Obama out then it doesn't fit their narrative. It's all about narrative. It's no longer about truth with the left.

Trump literally said something that everyone should agree with; that white supremacy is disgusting and has no place here.

But the left isn't appeased, or rather they don't really care about the issue and thus have no conviction about lying about his statements.

Trump's "both sides have blame" comment has been the big bug to squash these last couple days now. Trump vehemently denounced white supremacy. He also did what others haven't had the courage to do- he called out the extreme left groups, too. He also said that there were "fine people on both sides." But now the left is saying that he said some white supremacists were fine...except he never said that.

When we say things that aren't true, that's called lying. We literally learned this as children.

I was in Charlottesville on Sunday, the day after the mass violence. There were conservatives and liberals (fine people) and then there was antifa and white supremacists (not fine people.) While it was quiet in the morning, it got heated in the afternoon when white nationalist Jason Kessler (who organized the protest the day before) held a press conference. Those in assembly were about 90% left, the rest were reporters (so really probably 99% in assembly were leftists) and when Kessler approached the mic, the left shouted to drown him out. F - you was among the more moderate phrases coming from the community of tolerant lovers and peace-makers. Then they attacked him. Cops swarmed Kessler to protect him and I was right in the heat of it. "Get him" "kill him" and other pleasantries were thrown his way.

To be clear, I detest Kessler. I hate the white nationalist agenda. Anything that sympathizes with white supremacy is deplorable.

But to say that evil didn't exist in both camps is ignorant or dishonest, depending on how much research you've done.

Let's work on being objective. Let's work on being fair. Let's work on being honest.

There are plenty of things to complain about for any politician. But let's be sure to critique what needs critiquing instead of making stuff up, especially on such a sensitive and divisive topic. Grow up.

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