Tomi Lahren, Your Guns Defend Life. Why Don’t You?

Tomi, you can’t advocate for the protection of life with guns and then turn around and advocate for the bloodiest, most victim-ridden genocide the world has ever seen.


You’re undoubtedly receiving more hate than normal, but this time from your own community. I admire you greatly, but you deserve this backlash. You utilized your platform to advocate for abortion, the filthiest crime America is guilty of, and thus you’ve open yourself up for some much-deserved anger from the conservative body.

You’ve turned on your conservative community.

You’ve turned on logic.

But most importantly, you’ve turned against your God– the same God who you reference each time you close a Final Thoughts episode with “God bless.”

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I’ve been a fan of yours for a while now. I admire that you continually provide the missing facts that the left notoriously leaves out. I admired your courage and stamina when appearing on the The Daily Show, which by the way I acknowledge that Trevor Noah used every fallacy in the book to “burn” you. He was clueless, you knew your stuff. You did well.

But Tomi, you can’t advocate for the protection of life with guns and then turn around and advocate for the bloodiest, most victim-ridden genocide the world has ever seen. I conceal carry most everywhere I go– even where I’m not supposed to. Why? Because life is just as deserving of protection in a gun-free zone as it is anywhere else, including the womb.

You said it’s hypocritical for small-government advocates to believe both that the government should stay away from our guns and also that they should prohibit abortion. Truth is, Tomi, it isn’t hypocritical at all. One of the purposes of the Federal government is to protect its citizens. That means protecting citizens’ right to bear arms but also to protect citizens’ from legislation that allows the slaughter of over 1 million babies a year. That’s not “big government.” That’s just reasonable. A government shouldn't allow the slaughterer of innocent babies! WHY is that so hard!?

In regards to guns, you and I likely agree across the board. I like guns, a lot. I own guns. When I was in the Marines my qualifications on the M4 rifle and M9 pistol earned me multiple expert awards, the highest qualification ranking. Guns, in the hands of righteous citizens, save lives. Abortion ends innocent life, period. Guns can be used for good or evil. Abortion is only used for evil (except for the less than 1% of abortions the are conducted in order to save the mother’s live, in which case the baby would also likely die.)

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No matter where we are there is a chance of a malicious shooting, thus your support for bearing arms. But with abortion there is no chance for survival. It’s absolute. So you support citizens’ defense against the chance of death, but no defense against the absolute death? This isn’t lining up.

It is not YOUR body.

It surprised me to hear you advocate for the pro-choice agenda, but it further surprised me to hear you give the “woman’s body” argument. The pro-choice agenda is already void of logic but out of all their rhetorical nonsense, the woman’s body argument is literally the trash at the bottom of the barrel. Your rants are chalk full of sound reason and critical analysis. So, really? You’re going from upstanding logic to elementary arguments that can’t even hold mist? Allow me to demonstrate the ridiculousness of the woman’s body argument.

An abortion, per medical terms, is the termination of life. But a woman can literally walk into an abortion clinic and within a short time walk out like nothing happened. So if a life ended, but the woman is still alive, who died? Yes, her child. So no, it isn’t “her” body. It’s the separate, individual human with a unique DNA, personality, potential, heart beat, future, etc. Abortions are specifically conducted to terminate the pregnancy and thus kill the human inside.

The woman’s body argument wreaks of entitlement. Ironic, really, since entitlement is something you constantly identify as a cultural cancer (and I agree.)

Tomi, the best thing you can do right now is to repent of this belief and admit to such repentance publicly. Yes, some people will deny your sincerity but they likely aren't the ones who will listen anyway. You’ve been given a great opportunity to make an impact in our culture. You have the opportunity to share your wisdom and effective communication with SO MANY PEOPLE. Don’t poison your credibility by supporting genocide. Be bigger, be better. Critically analyze this issue and show your upstanding character, which I do believe you have, by admitting you were wrong. That will speak volumes and it will challenge other millennials to do the same.

For the gospel //

–JWR (like my Facebook page here!)

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