To My Daughter: 7 Lies The World May Tell You

Your body is NOT your own.Your body is a gift from Creator God, who loves you more than any boy can no matter how suave he is. I love you more than any man on earth and even I can't love you like God loves you.

My Daughter,

We haven't met yet. Funny, you actually don't even exist. But you are known, cherished, admired, and seen in complete beauty– something I hope that you come to recognize in your life. But as I look around today I feel inclined to fear the obstacles that you will inevitably face.

Men will try to objectify you, society will pressure you with destructive narratives, and the enemy will facilitate whatever insecurities you may have to distract you from savoring a most intimate relationship with Jesus.

I will protect you with every fiber of my being. On a side note, I apologize (but not really, at all) in advance for being overprotective. It's only because I know the world and I desire to spare you from deceit. The world will tell you things, sugar-coated in fleshly appeal. But they are wrong. Please never give heed to the following lies:

1. Your body is your own.

The world will tell you that since it is your body you can do whatever you want with it in the name of "autonomy." Dress however you want, partake in sexual activity with whoever you want...but I'm telling you that this claim couldn't be further from truth and it will only lead you to heart break and destruction.

Your body is NOT your own.

Your body is a gift from Creator God, who loves you more than any boy can no matter how suave he is. I love you more than any man on earth and even I can't love you like God loves you. He wants to see your body reflect the image-bearing value that He gave to you. The world will tell you that autonomy means doing what you want with your body, but I hope that you desire to practice autonomy in a manner consistent with God’s favor in your life.

2. It's okay to date casually.

To clarify, I mean dating "but nothing serious." In this context it is absolutely NOT okay to date casually. If a guy is interested in you then there should be nothing casual about his pursuit. This must be an intentional, committed, and pure pursuit. You have way too much creativity in your life to be spending time on ambiguous romance. As far as I'm concerned, if I wouldn't let him date your mother, I won't let him date you. And I'm not letting anyone date your mother prepared.

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3. You should just be your own person.

Where is this found in scripture? I'll save you some time; it isn't. This lie suggests that you should live as you please without restriction of a standard since it is your life. But given our sin nature, this lie would end cataclysmically.

Be the person God wants you to be. Be the person God calls you to be. Be the person who says I can, but I won't when it conflicts with scripture. Be a Daniel when facing oppression and an Esther in the midst of peer pressure.

4. Your gender limits you.

Interestingly enough, you'll hear this same claim from two polarized viewpoints, one which says you shouldn’t excel in business, politics, or ministry because you’re a female and thus overstepping your place in society. Among this community, some may even suggest you're incapable of excelling due to your gender.

As I stated earlier, return to scripture and you'll see that this lie has no cornerstone.

The second view will claim that your gender limits you because society is conditioned to oppress women, and thus everything is a battle in the "war on women." My daughter, please don't miss out on life due to an overactive "war on women" radar that goes off every time you see a guy give a girl a high-five.

If you want to be a CEO, be a CEO. If you want to be a politician, be a politician. If you want to lead in ministry, get out there and be an Esther, Deborah, or Priscilla.

And if you want to take on an even greater challenge than the aforementioned, be a stay-at-home mother.

5. All men are the same.

Sweetheart, if all men were the same then I wouldn't let you leave the house. There are plenty of good men out there.

Chivalry is not dead, and I hope to prove that to you every day in the way I treat you and your mother.

There are good men out there who will treasure you and who will walk with you towards Jesus. Granted none of them will be even close to good enough for you but we gotta work with what we got. :)

6. There's a man out there for you.

This is a hard and scary pill to swallow. While it is highly likely that you'll be a wife, I won't promise you something that may not be true. I hope and pray that you do get married. But if your identity is in Christ and if He has indeed called you to celibacy then He will make that the desire of your heart. He will romance you daily and provide a protection and fulfillment indigenous to his own divine ability.

7. If you’re not a virgin, you've lost value.

These days you'll only hear this from a few. But it's pungent enough of an offensive lie that I wanted to address it. Yes, it is a great sin to have sex outside of marriage.

If I ever get the call that you are pregnant before I have yet to walk you down the aisle I would weep like a hungry dog in the cold who just got his bone snatched by a cat...and then I would raid every Gymboree and Babies "R" Us in the region to spoil my grandchild rotten while subsequently taking out a loan to ensure you had a knock-out baby shower.

So while I hope and pray FIERCELY that this gift of sex only be enjoyed with your spouse, your value would not be diminished otherwise. Repentance, true repentance, covers you in grace by the one who has credited you the righteousness of Jesus. No sin can ever take that away. I hope that the man you choose to love will do his part in pursuing sexual purity with you.


There is a host of other misguiding claims of the world that I could bring to your attention, and there will be a time to address them. In the mean time I pray for you daily and try my best to prepare myself to be the best earthly father that I can possibly be to you.

Can't wait for daddy-daughter dates!

For the gospel //


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