Sexism: Telling Men To Be Silent On Abortion Because They're Men

But irony shined its brightest when I was told, by many women, that I should have NO say in the matter of abortion because I am a man.

Since President Trump's inauguration, tensions have intensified faster than Rosie O'Donnell retracting her plans to leave the country if Trump was elected. Most of Trump's former conservative critics have become content with his election due to his aggressive follow-through with the pro-life agenda.

As far as being a pro-life administration goes...

–Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy, prohibiting U.S. federal funding of foreign NGOs that perform abortions.

–The House passed the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion bill, which will permanently prohibit U.S. federal funding of domestic organizations that provide abortions.

–Trump's final three Supreme Court nominations are all aggressively pro-life candidates.

Needless to say, leftists are terrified that this administration may be the one who says "NO MORE" to the slaughter of innocent babies.

A primary chant in the recent Women March protest was "my body, my choice!" I found it quite perplexing that thousands of these women were wearing hats designed as vaginas as a means of asserting their dignity and class. It is this same community who substitutes critical thought for name-calling. This particular community has an odd fetish for the word "sexist."

But irony shined its brightest when I was told, by many women, that I should have NO say in the matter of abortion because I am a man.

I'll let that sink in for a second...

The group of people who are swift to label people as "sexist" are the same ones who undermined my ability to formulate an intelligent opinion simply because I am a man.

Folks, that is TEXTBOOK sexism.

If I was suggesting that my male-ness gives me power to understand the tenets of abortion more than women, then I could see how someone might call it sexism. But I'm not. I'm using the same logic that my pro-life sisters are using. Truth is truth regardless of gender. Liberals constantly claim that pro-life advocates are anti-women. That's ridiculous.

The pro-life movement is not an offense towards women.

The pro-life movement is a defense of women and men who die every hour in line with the liberal agenda.

Also, why are men discounted form having a say? I understand it takes a woman to have a baby...but if I have my birds and my bees straight, doesn't it take a man's participation as well? Isn't his DNA attached to the baby? Isn't his love for the baby's life important, too?

I don't see why women or men should be shunned from having an influence on decisions that affect society (I'm referring mostly to the 60 million silent voices of society). As a man, I will never know what it's like to be a woman raped by a man. Am I unable to have a voice for female victims of rape because I'm not a woman and will never know their experience? No. I am just as capable as women and have just as great of a concern for the unborn as my pro-life sisters.

Call me a sexist, bigot, racist, misogynist, or whatever other filler-word you replace logic with. I will continue walking in truth while advocating for the unborn humans in our society, thousands of whom are women who will die every day because other women feel entitled to say so.

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