No, Jenn Hatmaker, You Do NOT Get To Call Sin Holy

Maybe if we stopped trying to manipulate biblical text to fit cultural impulses, and instead we delicately handled Holy Scripture as God's Word, not our own...maybe then we'd see culture turning to Jesus.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! –Isaiah 5:20, ESV

Once again, a prominent Christian personality has surfaced in support of same-sex marriage. This isn't the first time it has happened, and it most certainly won't be the last. But the purpose of this blog isn't focused on homosexuality. I'm not spotlighting homosexuality as a "super sin" or anything like that. The purpose of this blog is to call out the poisonous source of these progressive ideas as pride and irreverence to God.

This is what happens when we make theology about us.

This is what happens when we prioritize the appeasement of culture over the truth of God’s Word.

This is what happens when Christian celebrities develop a craving for more spotlight rather than more Holy Spirit.

Hatmaker's explanation for her shift was vested in emotional and culturally lavishing reasoning. "They deserve to be welcome in the Church, too" is the typical rhetoric that comes from pastors like her. The truth is, OF COURSE they're welcome in the Church, but that is no reason to affirm sin. Adhering to the flesh over obedience is what got us into this mess from the beginning. If you don't love those who identify as LGBTQ then you need to repent. If you truly DO love them, then you won't affirm their lifestyle and instead you'll point them to truth.

We must wake up, Church! We must wake up and see that Genesis 3 is happening all over again right before our eyes. When Eve took the apple, it wasn’t a sudden shift from obedience to disobedience, but rather it was a slow progression of deception from the enemy. That was one setting though. We have the advantage of time on our hands to identify and STOP the progressive presence of sin among our ranks.

A Christian who affirms sin is akin to a doctor who prescribes a patient to do the very thing that’s making them ill. "You drank poison? Cool, drink some more! And for you doctors who are telling people to stop drinking poison, shame on you!" That is exactly what we're saying when we call sin "holy."

It's time the Church regain control of Herself. It's time we return to high standards of conduct, fierce fear of God, and strict obedience to His Word.

Maybe if we stopped preaching these ear-tickling sermons that leave our congregations feeling bubbly, and instead we preached in a way that left our congregations feeling challenged and convicted to go out and reach the world with the grace-saturated message of GOD's truth instead of our own...

Maybe if we cease these emotionally-fueled dialogues about what "we feel like" God is, and instead we intentionally and reverently pursued robust theological truth...

Maybe if we stopped trying to manipulate biblical text to fit cultural impulses, and instead we delicately handled Holy Scripture as God's Word, not our own...

Maybe if we stopped calling Jesus our "homeboy" and instead we called Him our LORD (our Master), we would show more obedience to holiness than we show our flesh.

Maybe then we'd see culture turning to God.

Maybe if we stopped pitching our tents in the soft camp of grace and taught BOTH sides to grace, which includes accountability and a desire to see people TURN FROM their sin– not find comfort in it.

There is an abundance of grace that no sin can conquer, but there is NO grace for the unrepentant.

We cannot teach grace without preaching repentance. Such an error completely counters our purpose to engage culture. TO BRING THEM TO TRUTH! Our culture is going to Hell in droves and the Church’s role, per Jesus Christ Himself, is to make disciples. A disciple is one who follow’s Jesus and teaches Jesus’ ways to others. You don’t disciple someone by affirming their sin. That’s completely backwards.

Figures such as Jen Hatmaker must be held accountable. They must be shown Church discipline and exposed as heretical. She is loved and valued by God as His image-bearer. But her message, not just of homosexuality but of relative truth, is poisonous to society and highly misrepresents the Church.

“Our society strives to avoid the possibility of offending anyone– except God.” –Billy Graham

Jesus said we would be hated because of our advocacy for Him. People want what they want and when truth says they can't have it, they get mad. That isn't our fault. That isn't us being "unloving." It's never unloving to warn someone of the adverse ramifications of their actions– indeed it would be unloving to say nothing at all.

For the gospel //


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