No, Ivanka's Email Usage Was Not The Same As Hillary's

Let me tell you a really lame story. Like, super lame. So lame that hardly any publisher, especially prominent publishers like the Washington Post, would pick it up. It's a story about a young rising star in the political sphere who, while transitioning into the government realm and learning all of the customs, used a private email account to correspond with her new colleagues. The exchanges included logistical matters that had nothing to do with national security, confidential information, or anything that would undermine safe government operations. The end.

Anyone still awake? See, this is where false narratives begin. When major publishers take non-stories and make them into stories that they know will garner views based on their manipulative delivery. Washington Post knows that the Ivanka story is a snoozer. But since Ivanka's father, President Trump, has a vicious relationship with his former presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton, who he routinely accosted during the 2016 election about her email scandal, Ivanka's email blip is suddenly story-worthy because...hypocrisy?

Well, that's what WaPo would like you to think at least. They don't have to explicitly say Ivanka was hypocritical. All they have to do is post a headline "Ivanka Trump used a personal email account to send hundreds of emails about government business last year" and they know that the minds of the sheepish American people will automatically run to the idea that a Trump administration executive has committed the same crime as their party-opponent who the administration said before should be locked up for it.

And there's no doubt that democrats who defended Hillary's email exchange will condemn Ivanka's email exchange, and those who condemned Hillary's email exchange will defend Ivanka's email exchange. So are these the same offense? Did Ivanka commit the same or even close to the same offense that Hillary did?

No, Ivanka did not commit the same crime as Hillary- not even close.

Let's consider the facts:

Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of emails to her colleagues via a private account, none of which were classified.

Hillary Clinton's sent thousands of emails that did contain classified information. While then-Director of the FBI James Comey said Hillary shouldn't face criminal charges, he admitted that she was highly careless in the mishandling of sensitive information.

Ivanka Trump was new to government and hadn't been fully briefed on correspondence policy.

Hillary Clinton was on the Senate Armed Forces Committee. She knows inexcusably what confidential information looks like. At the time of her email extravaganza she was Secretary of State. As America's top diplomat under the President, she knew correspondence policy. She was levels above personnel who instruct correspondence policy. Ivanka potentially violated rules for government correspondence, before being fully briefed, but at least she held the common sense not to exchange information related to national security. Hillary can't say the same, and to her defense, admitted she was wrong to do so.

Ivanka Trump turned all of her private emails over to a government server.

Hillary Clinton had a tech guru delete thousands of emails from her private server while she was under federal investigation focusing on her mishandling of confidential information via said private server.

But what if we find out that the emails did contain classified information vital to national security?

Well then that's a different story than we have now. But we don't have reason to believe that the emails contained sensitive information, so thus any claim at this point that Ivanka's actions are akin to Hillary's is false.

Now I'm not the guy who makes up stories or camps out on unverified accusations, which is why I didn't elaborate on whether she should have a private server at her home or her involvement with Benghazi, as it would relate to her emails. If I don't know details about her Benghazi involvement then I won't criticize her for it. As far as the private server goes, it sounds shady to have one but from what I understand the State Department authorized it with security measures in place. Granted she abused it, but the private server itself was not the crime.

Let's not be sheep, folks. Let facts unite us instead of allowing narratives to divide us.


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