Liberty University Breaks Out In Praise and Worship At DC Pizza Parlor

LU Praise, the prestigious choral ministry of Liberty University, was eating dinner after a performance at the Museum of the Bible when the impromptu worship service broke out.

Patrick Shorts, student leader and accompanist with LU Praise, told me that his team had been performing at numerous events in The District during the Christmas season.

“LU Praise has been honored to participate along with Steve Amerson and various speakers and chaplains in an event called Carols In The Capitol. This is our second time being there and hopefully not our last,” Shorts said.

This is not the first viral appearance by the talented group. LU Praise performed at the National Prayer Service at President Donald Trump’s inauguration in January 2017.

According to the Liberty University School of Music webpage, the chorale is made up of 30 “dynamic musicians dedicated to glorifying God through testimony, song, and worship. Members come to Liberty University from across the United States and other nations as a community of worshipers dedicated to spreading the Gospel through music.”

Their mission to glorify God was made evident when the ministry team performed for the restaurant staff as a means of thanking them for hosting such a large group.

Becki Falwell, wife to LU President Jerry Falwell Jr., to me:

"Jerry and I were so impressed with LU Praise when we saw the video of their impromptu performance in a DC restaurant.   They make Liberty and Jesus Christ proud!”

“Restaurants have been so gracious in serving such a big group like ours, so when we finish our meal we will ask all of the staff to come out of the kitchen and let us sing to them. A simple thank you. We will do this ANYWHERE we eat,” Shorts continued.

One of the student’s parents attending the dinner took a video of the impromptu worship service, which has now been circulating across many social platforms.

“Many of the comments were kind words towards us and others really encouraged listeners to enjoy the holiday season! God be praised,” Shorts concluded.


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