Let the Man Love His Wife!

There is nothing "anti-woman" about prioritizing your wife, a woman, above all other women– that's called marriage.

Nowadays it seems that public figures who exhibit any form of good character or morality will be subject to fierce attacks from the cultural left. Mike Pence is facing brutal backlash after expressing one way that he demonstrates his commitment and loyalty towards his wife, by refusing to partake in a meal with another woman in a one-on-one setting, also known as the Billy Graham rule. I understand that not every marriage will be a signatory of this rule and that doesn't subject them to certain infidelity, nor does Mike Pence argue such.

However it is unprecedented to attack the character of Mike Pence simply for submitting himself to a standard that affects ONLY HIM. This standard does not hurt anyone, discriminate against anyone, or deprive opportunity from anyone.

But in the absence of logic, the left must resort to their go-to contingency: dishonesty and manipulation.

"Pence is being legalistic and sexist!"

High standards are not necessarily akin to legalism. Legalism is a standard with a misguided motive while well-guided standards are established to pursue excellence and avert failure. Marital affairs don't often happen overnight nor do they start as romantic. They're gradual and unplanned at first. Affairs don't happen because of food nor do they happen because opposite genders are in proximity with nobody else there. But Pence is simply showing that he would rather take the high ground than to even entertain the idea, though small and highly unlikely, of putting himself in a situation where temptation could arise. It's not that Pence can't have food with a woman without cheating on his wife, it's just a higher standard to even avoid the possibility of anything.

There is nothing "anti-woman" about prioritizing your wife, a woman, above all other women– that's called marriage.

As far as the sexism accusation goes, spare me. It is just as admirable if a woman holds the same standard, which I assume Mrs. Pence does. But since the media has a fetish for attacking white, Christian, republican men it isn't an incendiary story to expose when a woman holds to this standard. Side note of irony: targeting public figures because they're white, Christian, republican men is racist, bigoted and sexist...but I digress.

Also, the left can't escape the fact that they're less concerned about morality and more concerned with shaming people. Why? Because when you compare Trump's history with women to Pence's history with women and you still come up saying they're both sexist...yeah, you're a fool. Pence has impeccable character and a squeaky clean record of honoring and cherishing his one beloved. Shame on anyone for twisting the narrative to shame his adoration for his bride.

"This mentality hurts women's advancement in the work place!"

"Losing a seat at the restaurant or private club table so often is, effectively, losing women seats at the boardroom table." –Huffington Post

The problem with this quote is the false association of women's advancement with Pence's personal policy. First off, there is no evidence to prove Pence's policy hurts women's advancement because there simply aren't enough men (or women) who adopt this policy of avoiding one-on-one meals or outings. Hardly ANYBODY holds this conviction and thus it would be foolish to blame a big problem on a barely existent policy. Also, men who restrict women from advancing in the work force are scoundrels. They restrict women's advancement because these men are jerks and have twisted views. Not because they're limiting their seclusive time with women other than their spouse. Secondly, wisdom, a characteristic Pence has long exemplified, will recognize the performance of an employee in the way they do their job...not simply a discussion over food.

"This policy objectifies women as temptresses and makes men look helplessly lustful!"

Actually, it is not objectifying women as sexual items to be lusted over. It is a humble acknowledgement of our vulnerability to sin. No man is helpless in their battle with lust but they also may not be in complete victory, even when he loves a woman with all of his heart. Thus safeguards should be established. Lust doesn't forfeit when you get married, so keep your guard up. Like I said earlier, standards are established to avoid potential for failure. It's a recognition of a personal weakness, not an adverse categorization of someone else.

Pence is not "anti-woman." If anything it's pro-woman, the woman he vowed to do life with in sickness and in health.

I understand that guidelines in themselves don't prevent failure, but they help. Good character prevents failure. But good character is made practical when it recognizes vulnerability and thus establishes standards to avoid potential failure.

Way to go, Mr. Vice President.

For the gospel //


Hi, my name is John and I love coffee. As I write this I’m sitting in a local roastery sipping a “mudslide” espresso with cream and two and a half sugars. There are few things in life that I feel merit precise orchestration with no room for error, coffee is one of them.

My life belongs to Jesus. I am his son and He is my King. His work in my life is reason enough for my faith to be made complete. He lived to die for me so that I may be credited righteous thus I will live for Him. I believe one area that has been greatly ignored by Christians is culture and politics. We must be active in representing our faith in these communities, but not in a relativistic or compromising way.

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