In Defense of Christians Still Voting for Trump, Even After the Leaked Videos

I will NOT punish my children for Donald Trump's immorality.I will not allow myself to follow a crowd that opts out of voting and thus increases the chance of a greater evil taking the victory, thereby creating a worse future for my progeny.

I am a Christian, unapologetic in my faith, with a heart that weeps daily for the Church, and desires for Her to be holy and evident in the world.

I'm also a Trump-supporter.

The combination of those two statements has garnered a retaliation more fierce than what I've yet to feel from the Church– and I'm not the only one who has experienced such backlash. It's been much of the same stuff though: "You support a misogynist!? You support a pig like Trump?" which is over-simplifying things to a galactic degree. We must consider the entire picture of this election. Even as I type this I can hear the backlash and angry/fallacious bites. But please, as I'm being charitable to you, I ask you do the same for me and hear me out completely.

For those who oppose many Christians’ decision to vote for Trump...

I get it.

I understand the immorality associated with Trump. He's said and done some terrible things. His statements in the recently leaked videos were truly disturbing to hear, though not surprising considering he's owned strip clubs, which, to me, is an issue far worse than the videos - but I digress.

Trump's greatest sin deserved the same Hell that Mother Teresa's most municipal sin deserved. Sin is sin is sin. But I also understand that while all sins are equally bad, some have greater ramifications, disqualifying us from certain positions of both secular and obviously spiritual authority...especially in the absence of repentance, which Trump has yet to pursue. Although this is something we should pray for, not slander him for. It's interesting how in cases like this, part of the Church decides who merits UNMERITED favor - but I digress again.

I also understand that your opposition is not a plea for me to vote for Hillary. You're simply suggesting I vote for neither since voting for a lesser evil is still voting for evil. But I'll use that philosophy to segue into my defense of why I am still an adamant supporter of the Trump/Pence ticket.

I do not believe in the "lesser of two evils."

When presented with two inevitable outcomes, both being distasteful, I believe I have the moral obligation to prevent the option that causes the most harm. Since I believe that Hillary Clinton will have horrific ramifications on the America of today and for many decades to come, I will do my part to prevent her from taking office. While you can argue Trump as the lesser evil, I actually see a lot of good coming from his administration. Below are some practical things to consider, both politically and ethically.

The president doesn't raise my kids, I do.

The president has political leverage. He doesn't raise my kids. I raise my kids. I teach my kids not to talk to girls like Trump did. I teach my kids morality, purity, and holiness. Not the president. I don't recall my character as a child being influenced by my president...and I've lived through some doozies.

But the president DOES appoint Supreme Court justices who solidify lasting legislation impacting the lives my children and grandchildren live.

Religious Freedom

In a meeting in New York City with many highly-respected Christian leaders, Trump told these leaders that all of the oppression Christianity has received from the political and social left will cease. He’s also committed to overturning the Johnson Amendment, which prohibits pastors from speaking about political issues in Church or else risk losing their tax-exempt status. Unfortunately, many issues that are pertinent to the Christian faith have been labeled "political" i.e. sexual orientation, gender identity, racism, abortion etc. and are thus prohibited from being spoken about behind the pulpit. This is a problem.

I want my children and grandchildren to be able to live and practice their faith freely in America.


Abortion is the most casualty-ridden genocide the world has ever known, and while Trump's past doesn't qualify him as the William Wilberforce of abortion, his staff presents us with the best possible chance to overthrow abortion that we have seen in history. Trump’s VP, Mike Pence, has spear-headed numerous pro-life agendas in his career, and as governor of Indiana he signed pro-life bills into law. He also vowed to send Roe v. Wade "back to the ash heap of history where it belongs" if elected. In addition, Ben Carson and Marjorie Dannenfelser (both active in the pro-life community) have been selected by Trump to push his Pence-fueled pro-life coalition. We've had pro-life orators in the past, but none of them have expressed interest in taking pro-life measures like this administration has.

"I want a Supreme Court who will uphold Roe v. Wade...Donald Trump wants a Supreme Court who will not uphold Roe v. Wade." –Hillary Clinton

Even she believes Trump's administration will try to overthrow Roe v. Wade.

Hyde Amendment

The Hyde Amendment prohibits federal tax dollars from contributing to abortions outside of rape, incest, or health of the mother. Hillary has vowed to overthrow it, while Trump has vowed to solidify it.

I will not pass up the greatest opportunity to overthrow the vilest genocide in world history only to allow a president in office who wants to make abortion MORE prominent.

Supreme Court

Most of you reading this weren't around for the Roe v. Wade decision. Yet most of you reading this have been alive long enough for over 20 million innocent human lives to be slaughtered because of Roe v. Wade. That's the power of the Supreme Court. The judges who serve on the High Court have life-term appointments; thus, these new appointees will be making milestone decisions for a long time. They're also the highest court;thus, their decisions stay for a very long time. Recently, we lost a giant for the conservative community, the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Scalia’s replacement will be appointed by our next president. Ruth Ginsberg, a staunch liberal judge, is 83 and will be retiring in this next presidential term. The two eldest judges are 79 and 77. They may be retiring soon, too. In a time where bakers are being sued for refusing to bake a cake for a homosexual marriage and pastors are being accosted for refusing to officiate homosexual a time where cultural feminism identifies a fetus as a clump of cells instead of the image-bearing creation of a time where churches are being challenged with more rigor to obtain tax-exempt status...we need a conservative Supreme Court.

Trump is committed to appointing conservative, pro-life judges to the Supreme Court.

So this is why I am supporting Donald Trump. Yes, he has said some terrible things, but considering how the issues I've written about will not simply effect me...

I will NOT punish my children for Donald Trump's immorality.

I will not allow myself to follow a crowd that opts out of voting and thus increases the chance of a greater evil taking the victory, thereby creating a worse future for my progeny.

For the gospel //


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