Church, If Hillary Wins In Our Absence Abortion Is On Us

If your principles guide you to lay the red carpet out for the greater evil, then your moral compass is in need of severe recalibration. If you see a good chance for the abolition of abortion but choose to neglect your opportunity to support it, blood is on your hands.

Amidst the spectrum of critical concerns in the upcoming election is one that stands out as the loudest, bloodiest, and most detrimental of them all. The infanticide that is abortion has served as the most casualty-ridden genocide in global history. Since the jurisprudential nightmare of Roe v. Wade in 1973, America has seen a federally-supported slaughter of nearly 60 million of the very people the Federal Government was established to protect.

This election will either serve to stiffen the infrastructure of abortive policies or it will serve as the greatest possibility of a victory for the pro-life agenda.

Even still, though, there are many in the Church who are refusing to vote or choosing to vote third party, while admitting that the third party will not prevail. In the shadow of what could be a historic pro-life victory where tens of thousands of babies' lives would be saved every year, a large sect of the Church still refuses to participate.

To be fair, some holding this position do not believe that Trump is all that enthusiastic about overthrowing abortion and thus believe that their neglect isn't hurting the pro-life agenda. Allow me to shine some light on this argument, because if it were true then I would be more charitable towards their position:

Hillary Clinton

  • Supports the notion that the unborn, even up to the day of birth, do not have constitutional rights and puts more importance on the woman's "right" than on the value of the life inside her, even when the pregnancy complications aren't lethal.

  • Wants to overthrow the Hyde Amendment, legislation banning federal funding for abortion outside of pregnancy complications, rape, or incest. She wants federal funding to pay for everyday abortions.

  • Nobody in her surrounding staff is in opposition to her views.

Donald Trump

  • Has reached out to many pro-life organizations to see how he can support them.

  • VP Mike Pence has a fierce record of spear-heading pro-life initiatives, has drafted pro-life legislation, and as Governor of Indiana he signed impactful pro-life legislation. Pence has vowed to send Roe v. Wade "back to the ash-heap of history where it belongs."

  • Sanctioned Marjorie Dannenfelser, founder and president of among the most impactful pro-life grassroots organizations, the Susan B. Anthony List, to lead his pro-life coalition.

  • Staff is saturated in pro-life advocates such as Pence, Carson, Dannenfelser, Falwell, Dobson, and others.

  • Declared to appoint conservative justices who are likely to concur on Pence's (and others) pro-life legislation.

  • Declared his intention to make the Hyde Amendment law.

  • Declared his intention to strip Planned Parenthood of Federal funding.

With a Trump Administration we clearly see a better chance, and a darn better chance, of seeing a major pro-life victory. We don't just see people who claim pro-life convictions, we actually see an agenda for activism among some of the most influential characters in American politics and private organizations.

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While many Christians are convinced my argument above is true, they still hold to the idea that principle counters pragmatism. Those who hold this position argue that voting for any evil is still voting for evil and thus, out of principle, will not be participating. But we must remember that unless Jesus is running for president, voting for any candidate will be voting for an evil to some degree. While following your principles is indeed important, I feel that principles are being manipulated by personal preference while neglecting the larger picture.

If your principles guide you to lay the red carpet out for the greater evil, then your moral compass is in need of severe recalibration. If you see a good chance for the abolition of abortion but choose to neglect your opportunity to support it, blood is on your hands. To not speak is to speak, to not act is to act.

Trump has declared to stack the Supreme Court with conservative justices. Considering the cases we've seen entertained by the high court over the last decade, and considering the life-term appointments of the 3 to 4 justices who will be replaced, are you willing to look your child or grandchild in the face and admit that their life could have been better with a conservative judicial hierarchy? And are you willing to tell them that you had the opportunity to vote for one and chose not to, out of principle? Are you willing to tell them that your principles were more important to you than their futures?

I would hope that the "not voting, due to principle" argument would lose it's buoyancy when you consider the significant ramifications that this election will have on your children and grand children.

If you have a problem voting for Trump just look at it as a vote not for Trump but for Pence, Carson, Falwell, Dobson, Dannenfelser, and other upstanding conservative personalities. These characters are intimately engaged with Trump in a political fashion. The moral compass woven into the fibers of this team will undoubtedly temper Trump's frailties and guide his global influence.

Church, this is the greatest chance we have ever had to overthrow abortion. We have talked about being pro-life, we've participated in the walk for life and march for life. We've developed theological, ethical, and moral arguments against abortion. Now we have the chance to do something practical about it. We've had conservative politicians in the past but they never declared an agenda to overthrow it like we see now. These are image-bearers of their, and our, Creator. This is an opportunity to overthrow the worst decay of God's creation that the world has ever seen.

If Hillary gets in, she will push back all of the progress we've made over the years and appoint justices who will be there for a very long time and will have NO interest in seeing abortion leave this country. Do not pass up this opportunity, Church.

For the gospel//


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