But Dad, Donald Trump Owned Strip Clubs

Never have I felt such a paradoxical tension between confidence and reservation. I am supporting Donald Trump in the general election for reasons that really excite me. But I also hold reservations.

I also know that someday when my children are reading the history books they’ll read of Donald Trump, his background, and his campaign for presidency. They’ll see how the books will portray him, negatively without any charity towards the good in Mr. Trump.

Thus the conversation is inevitable as to why I, their father who will do everything to raise them grounded in Holy Scripture, voted for Donald Trump.

I get it. While I think he’ll make a fine president, Trump’s social history hasn’t been completely in line with evangelical culture, or Protestant or Catholic for that matter. He has owned, and from what I understand still owns, casinos with strip clubs inside of them. He’s said terrible things to women (and men). He was a bully during his campaign for the GOP nomination. He said he doesn’t see the need to ask forgiveness from God for sin.

So what am I going to say to my children when they ask me how I could vote for Mr. Trump?

I’m going to tell them the entire truth. I will start off by explaining that the wrong in Donald Trump is indeed wrong and that there is no justification for some of his behavior, just like there is no justification for any of our wrong behaviors. I’m going to explain to them why this behavior is wrong. I won’t just talk about the obvious issues like the strip clubs, early-life promiscuity, etc. but I will talk to them about arrogance and how bullying, even as a grown-up is wrong. Though to be fair, I will expose the deceitful narratives of the media. Donald Trump isn’t a racist. “He said Mexicans are rapist and murderers!” Correction: He said *some* of the *illegal immigrants* are rapists and murderers. That’s true. Some aren’t, too, and that is implied when he said some, not all, are criminals. “He wants to keep all Mexicans out of America!” Wrong again. He wants to keep the criminals out, hence his wall, while expediting the citizenship of the non-criminals who want to come to America, hence his idea to revamp the citizenship process.

But then I’m going to explain to them that there are far worse issues going on in America, mostly attributed to the poor leadership it’s seen in the years leading up to Donald Trump’s campaign. I’m going to explain that abortion is the worst thing America has done and that he has made more practical steps in supporting the pro-life agenda as a candidate than many seated politicians have, the same politicians who ran on a pro-life platform but did nothing with it. I understand that Donald Trump hasn’t always felt this way about abortion. But when a politician flip-flops, you can tell when it’s disingenuous when they try to lie about their past view. Donald Trump doesn’t hide it. He admits he held a pro-choice and that circumstances since then have changed his heart and his mind, and his support for pro-life organizations have proved so.

I’m going to explain to them that political correctness has served as a foundational cancer to an already crippling society. When necessary communication is sabotaged by false social narratives we cannot expect to progress. Mr. Trump, while a bit rougher than I would be, pulls no punches and speaks for the many people who have been silent and overrun by this culture of jellyfish.

I will express how grateful I am that he is surrounded by a spiritual advisory team of highly esteemed and influential leaders in the evangelical community. This is good for many reasons but two stick out primarily. One is that he will have solid guidance in his spiritual development, and two is that these leaders are no stranger to religious oppression from politics, and thus they will be able to give keen insight into the religious liberties that Donald Trump has promised to restore, and that means all religions are allowed to practice– not just Christians.

I will express my concern for the Supreme Court. In a day in age where bakers are facing judicial assault for their religious convictions, where coaches are being fired for praying with their teams, where religious institutions are coming under fire for supposed discrimination…we need a president who will appoint justices who will defend the accosted. It was inevitably Trump or Clinton and the justices that they would appoint to the High Court would be staunchly contrasting.

I’m going to explain that our economy is wrecked and while the Federal Government may not have caused it, they’re definitely not doing anything to help it with their fiscal irresponsibility and suffocating regulations on business. Mr. Trump, being a successful businessman, knows the ramifications of an overly regulated business– loss of jobs. Companies strive when they can work independently, thus developing a prosperous national economy.

I hope to teach my children to think about the entire picture. Yes, there are negatives about Trump. But the truth is all of the politicians, even the most diplomatic sounding behind the mic, are saying terrible things about each other behind the scenes.

Donald Trump is being a transparent person in a sea of masked politicians.

For the gospel //


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