Because #MeToo, I Say #NotOnOurWatch

Instead of capping our participation at awareness, let's be activists. Let's keep watch. Let's be aware of our surroundings and call evil what it is. Let's empower the defenseless by diminishing the offensive. #NotOnOurWatch

I've never sexually assaulted a girl.

I've never tried to coerce a girl into having sex with me.

I've never been one to catcall at girls.

I've never encouraged one of "my boys" to do any of those things.

Quite saintly, right? I mean, in contrast to a morally bankrupt culture you'd think I was right up there with Mother Teresa. But ladies and gentlemen, this list is a severely poor benchmark at which we set the parameters of honor. The line should be drawn far sooner than that. I haven't done anything that would land me in jail...

But I have disrespected girls, whether they see it that way or not.

I have used unwelcome terms of endearment, even if not crude.

I have advanced beyond our preferred physical limits, while consensual.

I have taken that second or third glance, and while I may try to justify it under the guise of "appreciating beauty," it was objectification and nothing better. Big deal? Yea. Why? Because succumbing to this temptation prioritizes my lustful desires over her right to be valued as a person- not a body. Regardless of how modestly or immodestly she was dressed and regardless if her motive was to be glanced doesn't justify anything on my part.

The depravity of humanity is merciless. The curse of sin is so heavy and so painful. I've never had sex and won't until my wedding night, but that doesn't mean I've been pure.

I'm not trying to puff myself by publicly confessing my sin. On the contrary, pride would silence me in attempts to maintain a facade of perfection. I'm saying this for freedom and to encourage others to do the same. The minute we refuse to confess our sin, we surrender ourselves to an accelerated path towards destruction where our sinful actions towards others may become what we currently see as unfathomable.

I'm not a victim of sexual assault, but I know many who are. Granted one is too many, but there’s a difference between few and many being sexually assaulted. Few victims is proof of circumstantial evil, while many victims is proof that we as a society have, in our blindness, denied the reality of this evil and have acclimatized ourselves to its presence.

So here's a remedy:

Because #metoo, I say #notonourwatch!

Instead of capping our participation at awareness, let's be activists.

Let's keep watch.

Let's be aware of our surroundings and call evil what it is- regardless of which gender is guilty.

Let's empower the defenseless by diminishing the offensive.

Let's set the standard higher, guys and gals, WAY higher. Let's not just meet each others' standards, let's exceed them. Let's treat each other as if we literally have an ink-stamp on our forehead reading, "CHILD OF GOD."

p.s. - To those who seek attention and lie about their experiences in this area, your actions are despicable and spit in the face of those who have fallen victim to this evil (and that's all the attention you're getting in this blog.)

For the gospel,



Hi, my name is John and I love coffee. As I write this I’m sitting in a local roastery sipping a “mudslide” espresso with cream and two and a half sugars. There are few things in life that I feel merit precise orchestration with no room for error, coffee is one of them.

My life belongs to Jesus. I am his son and He is my King. His work in my life is reason enough for my faith to be made complete. He lived to die for me so that I may be credited righteous thus I will live for Him. I believe one area that has been greatly ignored by Christians is culture and politics. We must be active in representing our faith in these communities, but not in a relativistic or compromising way. Full bio

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