An Open Letter To Trey Pearson

Yes, I hate your sin. But I hate it for the same reason I hate my own sin and that is because I know what sin does to us and to our relationship with the Father. My hate for your sin is the evidence of my love for you.

Trey Pearson,

You probably won’t read this. Even if it reaches you, you’ll probably ignore it…and I can’t say that I blame you. You were courageous to be so transparent about your homosexual inclinations, especially considering how long you’ve held it in and how much of a heterosexual lifestyle you’ve practiced. You probably assume that this letter is going to affirm your new lifestyle as sinful, even if this message is laced in love.

If that’s what you’re assuming, you’re exactly right.

Yes, I hate your sin. But I hate it for the same reason I hate my own sin and that is because I know what sin does to us and to our relationship with the Father. My hate for your sin is the evidence of my love for you.

I feel inclined to be so very truthful with you since it appears you’re on the brink of your faith. You say “I have no problem being gay and being a Christian…I believe Jesus absolutely loves me the way I am” but, brother, that is simply not true. Jesus loves you, yes, but he does not love where you are. Jesus’ purpose was to be the mediator, the reconciler, the conduit to which we can have access to the Father which was only separated because of sin. If Jesus was okay with your sin then His purpose would be null and void.

Look to the cross. The imagery of the cross shows the same person displaying the vilest of hate and the epitome of love.

I spoke with a friend tonight who is a long-time fan of your music. She expressed how hard this is for her because for a long time she has been inspired by your commitment to Christ. I don’t say this to hurt you or discourage you. If anything I say it to remind you of the way God has used you in the past to grow His Kingdom. Don’t let the enemy have the victory.

I’m sorry that you felt unable to express your orientation when you were younger. The problem with a church not allowing confession is that it forces compression, and thus the wound of sin goes unaccounted for and untreated, only to get worse. If this was your church, I’m sorry. I hope this church has grown from that type of thinking.

I read in one article that you were told being gay was a choice. It’s always important to define the terms but as far as same-sex attraction goes, I cannot agree that it is a choice. The acting out or lifestyle is definitely a choice but the attraction in itself is not. One, because there’s no evidence of it being so and two, if orientation was a choice I sure can’t remember choosing to be straight. I do believe that this is a genuine battle for you and has been for a long time. I wish this could have been dealt with sooner. I understand this ended your marriage, I feel for you there. But I’m encouraged to see how supportive your wife is by being your friend still.

I will commit to praying for your family as I'm sure this will be very difficult for your children to go through, given the media attention and coarse rhetoric likely thrown your way. I feel for them and I pray protection over them.

I hope you understand that my disagreement with you, as shared by the majority of the Body of Christ, is NOT hatred. Don’t stoop to low levels of straw man attacks by calling us hateful. That’s a bad habit of the media, you’re better than that. You said that Christians should not get caught up in verses that deal with homosexuality but instead we should love our neighbor. Brother, verses against homosexuality and verses on loving our neighbor both exist in the inspired Word of God therefore they are not mutually exclusive, i.e. it’s not one instead of the other…it’s both. God’s Word, the Holy Bible, is authority. To neglect one doctrine in favor of another is to neglect the fundamentals of biblical interpretation.

If the Bible says no to homosexuality, then I say no as well. If the Bible says to love my neighbor, you can be sure I will do as such.

My prayer for you is that you’ll take some time away from the reporters, from social demands, and from anything that could deter you from complete and utter surrender to God…at least for a time. The disciples would often time step away from ministry and enter the desert for a time of restoration and soulful healing. Any minister of the gospel would be wise to do likely.

I hope this letter finds you. I hope it brings accountability and healing to you. I hope this experience serves as a time of growth for you, your family, and your audience. Always remember that the ground is level at the foot of the cross and that no sin goes unforgiven for those with a truly repentant heart.

For the gospel //


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