Abortion: The Compelling Evidence of God's Mercy

"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act." –Bonhoeffer

It is of God's mercy alone that the Church hasn't suffered dearly for permitting mass genocide of His image-bearers. It has been over 43 years since the malevolent ruling of Roe v. Wade, and abortion is still legal. An infanticide, the most detestable of all mass killings, has far surpassed the victim rate of any genocide in global history.

This is not being done in secret. This has been happening in our very own communities, in broad daylight, fueled by the wickedness of cultural narratives and backed with the security of judicial preservation.

We are without excuse.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." –Burke

Our apathy has served as the bedrock for abortion's sustainment. Our overall efforts to overthrow abortion have been anemic at best. Perhaps we've been conditioned to find peace with mediocrity. For too long we've sat comfortably in our pews, nodding our heads in zealous stewardship towards our call to justice, only to abandon such zeal in the church foyer as we depart into the very world we just pledged to reach. The irony is painful.

Apathy in the Church breeds apathy in the State. Why would congress eradicate abortion if it wasn't demanded by their constituents? They legislate to the best interest of their reelection. Why hasn't the Church demanded this? Many Christians have, but they are but few laborers in a vast and aggressive harvest of opposition.

There are even sects within the Bride of Christ who support one's choice to kill their child– I severely question their salvation (An Open Letter to Pro-Choice Christians.) We are foolish to stand confused of the immorality of the United States when we've allowed such an atrocity to become foundational to our culture.

"You can choose to look away but you can never say again that you did not know." –Wilberforce

But perhaps God, in his mercy, has extended an olive branch to us. As Christ as our King we should never be conditional in pursuing justice. We should never wait for a republican majority in congress or conservative proportions on the High Court to activate us in pursuing justice. Christ's command to pursue justice should motivate us to abolish abortion. But a conservative platform should encourage us. If ever a time to advocate for the voiceless, the time is now. Congress is on the brink of passing the most pro-life friendly healthcare bill in American history. The bill itself still needs work, I get it. But I'm simply providing an illustration as to how close we are to a climactic pro-life victory.

The time is now, Church. Let us stop being silent in our activism. Let us stop relishing in grace as if we were entitled to it. God's grace and forgiveness doesn't mean He isn't angry with our laziness and disobedience. Let's stack our stones and remember how He's reached out to us when we had nothing and then, in reflection, render the same advocacy to others.

For the gospel,


Hi, my name is John and I love coffee. As I write this I’m sitting in a local roastery sipping a “mudslide” espresso with cream and two and a half sugars. There are few things in life that I feel merit precise orchestration with no room for error, coffee is one of them.

My life belongs to Jesus. I am his son and He is my King. I believe one area that has been greatly ignored by Christians is culture and politics. We must be active in representing our faith in these communities, but not in a relativistic or compromising way. FULL bio

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