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The Gospel Message

Some may not consider the gospel to be "good news." Rightfully so. What good news involves us giving up a lifestyle that we're frankly in love with? Well, some truth is tough to hear in the present but is far worth it in the end. I'd like to drink orange soda and eat donuts my whole life. It sounds great. It feels great. And while I can't feel the adverse health implications in the present, such a diet is gradually killing me. 

That is sin: great in the moment but subtle in the way it deteriorates our soul. That's because sin separates us from our life source– Father God, Yahweh: our Creator, sustainer, lover, provider, and ONLY true higher power. 

When sin entered the world through Adam and Eve (Genesis 3) it broke the sweet and perfect communion man had with God. The act of sin essentially said that God, the almighty perfect one, was no longer good enough and we wanted more. Sin is never void of pride. Sin took our focus from God and substituted it for ourselves.


God, in his justice, would have been completely fair to annihilate humanity and send everyone to Hell, which is described as eternal separation from God.


But God, in his grace, created a way out. 

Cue: Jesus Christ, our Lord and King. 

God's hate for sin demanded a punishment but His love for humanity demanded a relationship. (John 3:16) 


Jesus, the only sinless man, lived a life of perfection loving the unlovable, bringing truth to deception, light to darkness, and restoration to brokenness. He was celebrated and then hated to the point where He was crucified on a cross. Jesus, also being one with God (John 10:30) was not surprised by this hostility. The purpose of Jesus' ministry on earth was to ultimately die as the propitiation for our sins, meaning that He took the punishment that we deserved to appease a righteous and just God. Jesus' death served as the atoning sacrifice that joined humanity and God back together in communion. 

So everyone's going to heaven?

No. Only those who acknowledge their sin nature (Romans 3:23,) acknowledge that they need a savior (Romans 6:23,) acknowledge that Jesus Christ is that savior (Romans 5:8,) and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior (Romans 10:9,) will be ushered into eternity with God. 

If you are not a believer in Jesus Christi or are struggling in your faith, please feel free to contact me and we or one of  my friends will be happy to walk with you through this.  also encourage you to check out this YouTube channel hosted by Christian philosopher William Lane Craig who answers a host of complicated questions about faith. 

Does God exist?

Is the Bible reliable?

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